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hri_Admin Staff asked 4 years ago

Are all Manitoba Workplace covered under the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act? On the Government website it states that “90% of Manitoba workplaces are covered by the Workplace Safety and Health Act…” I am unsure what the 10% would be that is not covered. 

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 4 years ago

That’s a really great Question. The 10% of Manitoba workplaces not covered by the WSHA and Regs. are those that are federally regulated which are subject not to Manitoba law but the Canada Labour Code OHS provisions. This would include companies located in Manitoba but engaged in enterprises deemed interprovince commerce such as transportation companies that operate in multiple jurisdictions, railways, airlines, satellite, broadcast and telecommunications. The same is true of other provinces. Basically, in other words, just about all companies are subject to OHS laws–roughly 85% of them provincial and 15% federal. Hope that helps. Glenn