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hri_Admin asked 3 years ago
I work for an organization in British Columbia that has several different programs (e.g. health, child welfare, education, training) and I am looking for a policy that guides how these different programs can share client information between themselves (with the client\'s permission obviously).
1 Answers
Glenn Demby answered 3 years ago
First, I salute you for asking this question. You'd be surprised at how many organizations would just go ahead and disclose such information without considering the privacy implications. I'm assuming that you're with a public or governmental organization. If so, what you need is what's called an Information Sharing Agreement. The best thing I can do is direct you right to the horse's mouth, in this case BC OIPC. Here are their guidelines for ISAs. https://www.oipc.bc.ca/guidance-documents/2066 Hope that helps and feel free to loop back with me directly at glennd@bongarde.com if it doesn't. Glenn