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Sheridan Courses asked 5 months ago

My company advise me in the letter without notice in the timely fashion that starting this week I am going from hourly to salary. We have no contract signed, and my knowledge of the salary topic is general.
What provisions should I clarify and important questions to ask before I agree and sign? 

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 5 months ago

If at all possible, get a lawyer to help you. Here’s some general guidance–not to be confused with legal counsel which I’m not qualified to give you–in case you don’t have access to a lawyer. 
First of all, Im assuming that going from hourly wage to salary is a change that you consider unfavourable. Find out if the change is negotiable and, if so, negotiate with your boss. If the change is non-negotiable, you’re entitled to “consideration,” that is, something of value to compensate you for accepting the change. Ask your boss what consideration you’re receiving. If the answer is “you get to keep your job,” you may want to remind your boss that employment isn’t valid consideration since you’re already employed. You need something new that you don’t already have. It wouldn’t hurt to also point out that without meaningful consideration, contractual changes aren’t legally valid. 
I hope this helps. This is really tricky stuff and it would be great if you could get a lawyer’s help. Glenn