Ask the ExpertHourly Employee Vacation – Contract template
Karoline Verdi asked 1 month ago

Hi There,
I am creating Employment contract for hourly paid employee (part time and Full time) and need assistance on how to formulate the vacation entitlement 
Hourly employees accrue vacation pay in every pay that is processed through payroll 
If an employee would like to cash that $ they need to request to management 
Could you please share with me some employment contact to see how to formulate that properly?

Thank you, 

Karoline Verdi replied 1 month ago

Sorry I should specify that this is for Ontario, BC and QC

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 1 month ago

I assume you’re not federally regulated. And can you pls send me your current vacations policy– Once I see your actual terms, I’ll try to put together some workable language for you. 

Karoline Verdi replied 1 month ago

Just sent 🙂 Thank you Glenn!