Ask the ExpertDisconnect Policy- Hourly Workers
Shelley Thomas asked 5 months ago

Hi There, what are the considerations that should be looked at that impact PT workers that generally work past core working ours? I’m trying to determine the framework needed to help my organization? Any insights would be appreciated.

1 Answers
Glenn Demby Staff answered 5 months ago

Do you mean in terms of right to disconnect? The Disconnect law, Bill 27, covers “employees,” which would include part-timers working non-core hours. However, the regulations may offer more insight when the MOL publishes them. 
One more thing: By “PT,” I assume you’re referring to part-timers. PT could also mean physical therapists, in which case the analysis would be different and depend on whether PTs are “employees” covered by the ESA. If I misunderstood your question or just gave you a lousy answer, feel free to loop back with me directly at