Ask the ExpertCovid Travel Bans – Quebec
hri_Admin Staff asked 10 months ago

I work in the public sector. My employer has told me that I can not travel due to Covid. Can my employer prohibit me from travelling out of the province of Quebec?

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hri_Admin Staff answered 10 months ago

No, in the metaphysical sense that an employer can’t legally take away an employee’s freedom to travel; but, yes, in the practical sense that an employer may discipline an employee for violating a COVID-related travel ban. This is a cruel world right now where employers have leeway to do things they couldn’t do in normal times, like require employees to get vaccinated or ask them if they’ve been vaccinated. Justification for the travel ban is that it could expose you to infection risk and require you to self-isolate for 14 days. Like I said, strange times. Glenn