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hri_Admin Staff asked 3 years ago

Is there any legislation in Newfoundland regarding paying employees who are not able to leave the workplace? Due to the state of emergency, many business require the employees to work, but employees cannot go home at the end of their shift. Are there regulations regarding compensation in these situations

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Glenn Demby Staff answered 3 years ago

Wow. That’s the first time I’ve ever been asked that Q.
First, the employee would be entitled to be paid for any WORK he/she does after the shift. The basic rule is that employers must compensate employees for the time they require OR PERMIT an employee to work.
But there’s nothing in the LSA or Regs about employees staying in the premises during an emergency without actually working. I don’t think any of the other jurisdictions address this situation either. Personally, I think the situation is more analagous to a lodging or residency and that, if anything, the employee should compensate the employer for letting him/her stay on the site.
Do any of our other users have any thoughts or insights on this? If so, please respond to this thread or, if you’re shy, me personally at
Thx for the Q and I’ll get back to you if I learn anything else. Glenn