Ask the ExpertBY Province which include Stat in calculating Overtime
Anton Knezovic asked 6 months ago

Is there a quick form that show by Province that shows which ones need to include Stat Hrs included in the work week to calculate OT
Such as QC does include Stat days and hours when calculating OT hours and Ontario does not

1 Answers
Glenn Demby Staff answered 6 months ago

Let me check. I think so. Have you checked the HRI site? Search “Know The Laws” or “Around The Provinces” and I’ll see what I can find. 

Anton Knezovic replied 6 months ago

I did but nothing came out that I could see

Anton Knezovic replied 6 months ago

Any luck finding if there is a document outlining the appropriate pay practices per Province for OT calculation; if Stat holidays are included or not?