Ask the ExpertBeing Recalled to the Office – MB
hri_Admin Staff asked 11 months ago

All employees are supposed to be returning to the office on Sept 13. One employee said they cannot come in because they have moved to another province (Ontario) without telling us. Are we required to accommodate them? Their employment contract says they are to report to the Manitoba Office.

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hri_Admin Staff answered 11 months ago

The first thing you want to do is clarify whether the employee is actually requesting an accommodation and, if so, on what basis. Remember that under human rights laws, accommodations are required only for employees or job applicants that have disabilities or other personal characteristics protected from discrimination, e.g., age, sex, religion, family status, etc. Once you get clarification on this, you can proceed accordingly.
If, as I suspect, working in Ontario is just a personal preferences, you don’t have to accommodated unless the employment contract says otherwise. It sounds like precisely the opposite is true in this case. Hope that helps. Glenn