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Answer for We are looking for innovative sick leave policies that reward staff who use little or no sick leave each year. Any suggestions?

I think you did get my response because you sent me a nice thank you. And then the HRI site shut down and I guess the answers got erased. Anyway, just in case you’re still waiting, and if you are, I’m really sorry. Nobody should ever wait two weeks for a reply, I was suggesting that you NOT offer incentives to employees who don’t use their alloted paid sick leave because it exposes you to risk of disability discrimination. The argument can be–and has been–made that what an employer in this situation is actually doing is not rewarding wellness but penalizing non-culpable illness and injury, which is a form of discrimination banned by human rights laws. I hope you did get the message and you can always contact me directly at glennd@bongarde.com if you’ve been waiting more than a couple of days for a response. Thanks.