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Answer for Vacation question

Here’s Alan’s response. Feel free to loop back with me if u need further help. glennd@bongarde.com
There’s really two parts to this question, one asked and one not.
The asked question is about the balance carried forward for the vacation year, while the person was off on sick leave. From the 15 days the person is entitled to, I take this means 3 weeks. What I don’t know is the length of the person’s service. If this is over 5 years, then any days remaining have to be carried forward. If the person’s service is less than 5 years, then only the portion remaining that relates to the first 2 weeks must be carried forward.
The implied question is whether the person is entitled to a full 15 vacation days for the current year. As of 2017, a person’s vacation entitlement in Ontario can not be reduced for periods of inactive service.