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Answer for This is a statement in our company Use of Cell Phone policy – “As part of our food safety programs all employees must provide Human Resources with the following cell phone information; make and model and telephone number.

Yes, the Q is legal and you must provide the information PROVIDED THAT your employer needs the information to carry out a legitimate employment related purpose and is collecting only the minimum information it needs to carry out the purpose. You are also within your rights to ask the employer why it needs and how it intends to use the information and assure you that it won’t use or disclose the information to anybody else for other purposes unless it first notifies you and gets your consent, except where the use or disclosure is required by law, e.g., giving the info to a government official for a legitimate govt purpose like law enforcement.
Sorry to sound so much like a lawyer. Bottom line: Ask them why they want the info and, if it’s a legit reason, make them promise not to use it for anything else. Glenn