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Answer for Termination of a Worker with Disability

The employee in question purposefully sent this email after work hours.

I would not allow the friend/coworker to bring home materials, as it sets you up for a potential liability down the road.

I would respond with what your action plan and offer was for return to work and outline the efforts you have made to accommodate. The next step would be his to either take the offer or not. It seems like his answer is not.

But this summary email will help you in the event that he files a complaint in the future. You can also offer to give a reasonable amount of time for the employee to respond to the final offer.

You’ve clearly exhausted your options here, but the employee wasn’t getting everything he wanted and figured he’d draw a line in the sand after hours on a Friday with a forced deadline of Monday morning. The reality is that you have a very reasonable offer, you’ve accommodated to a level the business can bare, and he doesn’t want to take the offer – however, neither of you has been explicit to say that it means employment is terminated and/or vacated.

So our advice would be send out a direct communication that says this is where we stand, this is what we can do/offer, this is how we are accommodating, we need agreement to proceed or not.