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Answer for ROE – Shortage of work or Quit

From our payroll guru, Alan:
It sounds a little harsh, but the correct answer is quit. Section 33 of the EI Act.
Glenn again: Here’s the statutory  provision Alan refers to:
Disentitlement — anticipated loss of employment

  • 33 (1) A claimant is not entitled to receive benefits if the claimant loses an employment because of their misconduct or voluntarily leaves without just cause within three weeks before
    • (a) the expiration of a term of employment, in the case of employment for a set term; or
    • (b) the day on which the claimant is to be laid off according to a notice already given by the employer to the claimant.
  • Duration of disentitlement
    (2) The disentitlement lasts until the expiration of the term of employment or the day on which the claimant was to be laid off.

Hope that answers your Q. Glenn