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Answer for PPE – Ontario

Legislation in Ontario uses the term “provide”, but this does not address payment in regards to PPE. The MOL has described employer’s duties for PPE:
“If it is necessary for your workers to wear PPE, under the Occupational Health and Safety Act you must provide information, instruction and supervision on the proper use and maintenance of the PPE. Instruction should include:

  • how PPE provides protection and the consequences of not wearing it
  • when PPE should be worn
  • how to properly fit and wear PPE
  • how to care for PPE and identify when it requires repair, cleaning or disposal

Let your workers know that, by law, they must use any PPE you provide and tell you about any defects in the PPE.”
Paying for PPE may be a condition of employment, or the employer may offer to pay for some equipment or share the cost of the equipment. Many employers who require such PPE in the workplace offer employees an allowance to purchase the correct equipment or some budget for reimbursement. If the employee is purchasing their own equipment make sure they know all the requirements of the workplace
This is a great question with a not-so-clear answer – stay tuned for some content on PPE Purchasing in the coming months.