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Answer for Car Pooling

Yes, I believe car pooling would be legal as long as: i. ALL the occupants of the vehicle are essential workers traveling to or from their essential employment; and ii. None are symptomatic, confirmed as having COVID or recently exposed to a confirmed COVID case in the past 48 hours (or have traveled outside Ontario in 14 days). CAVEAT: The Toronto and Peel Health Regions recently issued more stringent Stay-At-Home guidelines that I haven’t yet read. So, you need to check those guidelines if you’re in one of those Regions just to be safe.
: Potential maximum fines for violating COVID public health orders in Ontario:

  • Corporations: $1,000
  • Employees and customers: $750
  • Individuals actually tried and convicted: $100,000
  • Directors and officers of corporations actually tried and convicted: $500,000
  • Corporations actually tried and convicted: $10 million.

Hope that helps. God bless you all as you hunker down. We’ll all gonna come through this, I promise.