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Answer for Business Travel

Yes and yes. 
Vax Verification: It’s up to you to decide which employees can go on biz trips. Vaccination verification raises privacy issues but there’s alot of good stuff in HRI you should look at in terms of how far employers can go in requiring proof of vaccination. https://hrinsider.ca/requiring-employees-to-provide-proof-of-covid-19-vaccination/ Demanding proof is especially justified when verification of vax status is required for travel and where failure to produce it may result in isolation, which may make it hard for the employee to get any biz done on the trip.
Waiver: You not only can but should require employees to comply with all applicable public health requirements and exercise due caution to avoid or at least minimize exposure to infection risk on biz trips. I’d take it a step further and require employees to submit travel plans outlining what precautions they’ll take. https://hrinsider.ca/compliance-cheat-sheet-how-to-create-a-pandemic-business-travel-safety-policy/