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Answer for Benefits Continuation During the Notice Period

Alan’s replies:

  1. Is the employer required to keep ALL benefits active during the employee’s notice period – either if the employee has provided notice of resignation, or the employer has provided notice of termination? ANSWER: YES
  2. If the employee has resigned, is the employer required to keep ALL benefits active during the employee’s notice period, if the notice period is during an employee’s paid vacation (i.e. the employee provided 1 week notice the same day that their 1 week vacation started)? ANSWER: YES 
  3. If the employer is required to keep benefits active, can the employer keep health/dental/vision etc active but cancel life insurance, disability coverage, AD&D, in order to avoid accommodating a potential injury or death? If the employer is not required to keep benefits active then you can disregard this question.ANSWER: NO

I hope you like your answers short but sweet. LOL. If you do want more, please feel free to follow up. Thx. Glenn, glennd@bongarde.com