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There really is no province legislation that specifically addresses telecommuters, with the possible exception of income tax laws. There’s definitely specific federal tax guidance on telecommuters, which you can get from HRI.
The thrust of telecommuters and compliance is figuring out how the current laws apply to the telecommuting context. One example is OHS laws and whether a home or remote location not in the employer’s control constitutes a “workplace” where the OHS duty to protect workers applies. However, guidelines rather than actual regulation largely govern this subject. Again, we’ve written on this in HRI and I can point you in the right direction if you can’t find the materials on the site.
Another big legal issue is with regards to privacy and use of spying and surveillance software and solutions to track telecommuters’ whereabouts. Again, check the HRI site and let me know if you have trouble. Please feel free to follow up, especially if I’ve missed the point of your question. glennd@bongarde.com. Thanks. Glenn