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Coronavirus Game Plan Report

The economic and health effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are impacting all types of businesses, and the end may be months away. There is no certainty what the overall landscape will look like when we finally make our way through.

HR Insider has been helping thousands of organizations for over 30 years with all types of HR management and compliance issues. As you face potential layoffs, quick telecommuting procedure changes and more, our editors, staff lawyers and HR consultants have pieced together a complete game plan to help you navigate your business through these troubling times.

The game plan covers:

  • Pandemic Plan Response & Business Continuity Measures
  • Family & Medical Leave
  • Temporary & Group Layoffs
  • Telecommuting & Work from Home Arrangements
  • Business Travel
  • Workplace Safety & Infection Control
  • Coronavirus Work Refusals
  • Workers’ Comp Claims
  • Discrimination & Accommodations IssuesDownload Report