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Holiday Party Memo

As you know, the {impending event} is just around the corner. I know all of you know what is expected of you in terms of conduct at a company event but wanted to provide reminders to everyone about expectations of conduct. It is important to remember that we have new employees who may have not attended a company event before. The first reminder is that we want everyone to be safe, healthy, and have a good time. Adherence to these tips will help ensure that you will do so.

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Is Your Holiday Party a Religious Discrimination Liability Risk?

Human rights laws ban employers from forcing employees to do something inimical to their religious beliefs. Stated simply, you can’t force employees to choose between their job and their religion. The problem is that company policies, practices, procedures or schedules that appear neutral and totally non-religious on their face might have discriminatory effects. Year-end holiday parties and celebrations are a case in point. While they may feel like a time-out from work, the company-sponsored holiday party is just an extension of the workplace as far as discrimination laws are concerned. Result: The things that happen before, during and after the party can give rise to claims for religious discrimination.

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Holiday Party Planning Workbook

Leading up to the workplace office party, you made an extra effort to remind all employees that company rules and policies would remain in effect during company activities. However, once the tinsel had fallen and the decorations put away, it turns out that not all employees maintained the necessary decorum during holiday parties.

As with any company-sponsored social event, the annual holiday party can be an employer’s liability nightmare. Do you know the 5 ways the company party can get you into legal trouble and what you can do to steer clear of danger?

In This Workbook, You Will Find:

  • Can You Fire an Employee for Misbehaving at a Company Social Function?

At some workplaces, there appear to be two codes of conduct: the formal one for the rest of the year and the one for company social functions, like the holiday party. The holiday party is a particular trouble spot because so many employees perceive it as a once-a-year license to let down their hair and do and say things they wouldn’t allow themselves to in the regular workplace.

  • Top 10 Holiday Party Blunders

Many of these blunders are tied to alcohol but some will be tied to nerves and the changed atmosphere. Simply being in a more relaxed environment where personal interactions are encouraged can change the dynamics enough to lead to regretful incidents. The setting, music, food, and more creates a social atmosphere not dissimilar to a family gathering. But, make no mistake, it is not a family gathering.

  • Serving Alcohol at Company Holiday Party: Liability Risks & How to Manage Them

You can be liable for injuries caused by employees who drive home drunk after the holiday party. The legal basis for liability is negligence, specifically, “host liability.” The steps you must take to manage liability risks that come with serving alcohol will depend on what kind of host you are.

Plus get these great additional materials with your workbook!

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Holiday Party Liability Checklist
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