Work Refusals

Work refusals in HR refer to situations where an employee declines to perform a task or job due to concerns about safety, health, or legal compliance. HR professionals play a pivotal role in managing work refusals by ensuring that employees are aware of their rights, facilitating open communication, and conducting investigations when refusals occur. The process often includes evaluating the legitimacy of the refusal, addressing concerns, and implementing necessary changes to mitigate risks and uphold legal standards. HR’s responsibility is to balance employee well-being with the organization’s operational needs, fostering a workplace where employees feel safe expressing their concerns while maintaining a productive and compliant work environment.

Right to Refuse Form

THE PROBLEM: Workers have the right to refuse work if they […]

Ask the Expert: Do Work Refusals Have to Be in-Person?

What if workers want to initiate a refusal but are too scared to go to work?

Work Refusal Quiz

Name the key components related to a worker refusing to work?

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Work Refusal Notification Form

Workers aren’t allowed to exercise their OHS work refusal rights unless they notify their employer [...]

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