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Wellness pertains to the holistic well-being of employees, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health. HR professionals focus on creating a workplace that promotes wellness through initiatives such as health benefits, fitness programs, stress management, and mental health support. This proactive approach aims to enhance employee morale, reduce absenteeism, and boost productivity. By addressing wellness comprehensively, HR contributes to a positive work culture, higher job satisfaction, and an overall healthier, more engaged, and resilient workforce.

The 5 Mistakes HR Managers Make in Workplace Wellness Programs (and How to Fix Them).

Thought: Remember that it is possible to achieve positive ROI in […]

Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness programs are becoming more common, but there are […]

Addressing Barriers To Workplace Health and Wellness Initiatives

Exploring strategies to address 2 key barriers to the successful implementation of workplace health and wellness initiatives.

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Accommodations Policy

PURPOSE The purpose of this Policy is not only to […] Search for: Login THIS INSIGHT IS FOR [...]

New Biggest Human Rights Damages Case In Alberta

Oliva, Pascoe, and Strong v Gursoy, 2024 AHRC 45 (K Scott) is […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

The Consequences Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

A recent Alberta Human Rights Commission decision demonstrates the seriousness […] Search [...]

Earned Wage Startup ZayZoon Coming Back Home

A Calgary-based startup, ZayZoon, is making a comeback in Canada. With […] Search for: Login [...]

Ontario Court Of Appeal Confirms That Refusal To Comply With Vaccination Policy Amounts To Frustration Of Contract

In Croke v. VuPoint System Ltd., 2024 ONCA 354, the Ontario Court […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

Changes To Federal Workplace Legislation Proposed In 2024 Budget

On April 16, 2024, the Federal government released its budget […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

Bill 190: Ontario Government Proposes Further Amendments To Workplace Legislation

Hot on the heels of its March 2024 amendments to workplace […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

Ontario Government Introduces The Working For Workers Five Act

Ontario's Bill 190 Working for Workers Five Act, 2004 ("Bill 190") […] Search for: Login [...]

AI & Algorithm Discrimination Compliance – Special Report

Search for: Login THIS INSIGHT IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY! HR Insider saves members an average of 157 [...]

Lessons From Coffee Pods: The Importance Of Accurate Reporting Under Canada’s New Anti-Slavery Law

Introduction As Canadian companies assess and carry out their compliance […] Search for: [...]

Amendments To Ontario Laws Put A Clamp On Requesting Doctors’ Notes

The Working for Workers Five Act, 2024, proposes another wave of […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

Student Violence May Form Basis For A Teacher’s Lawful Work Refusal

A recent Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) decision found that […] Search for: Login [...]

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