How to Keep Valued Employees

If businesses are to thrive in today’s economy, then finding […]

Employee Retention

Retaining your best staff is essential to your company’s performance. […]

Employee Retention Plan Policy

[Company Name], in recognition of the added value longer-service employees […]

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Ontario proposes mass termination protections for remote workers and increased information requirements for new hires

The Ontario Government is proposing updates to employment standards laws to ensure that remote [...]

AI for HR: Transform Talent Management from Recruitment to Retention

Uncover how generative AI is transforming talent management, from candidate screening and [...]

Performance Bonus Policy

Awarding performance bonuses can go a long way in boosting recruitment, retention, productivity [...]

Upskilling Action Plan

 Here’s a standard template you can adapt to develop and implement an upskilling or reskilling [...]

Respectful Workplace Policy

What is a respectful workplace? Respectful workplaces support the commitment to anti-racism and [...]

Job Application Form

Job applications are part of the initial stage of the hiring process. Companies often use them to [...]

Minimum Age Requirements – Know The Laws Of Your Province

All jurisdictions impose age restrictions to protect young workers from being hired for jobs that [...]

At a Glance: Termination of Employment in Canada

Termination of employment Grounds for termination May an employer dismiss an employee for any [...]

HR, incentives and retention issues in Merger & Acquisition transactions

This article is an extract from GTDT Private M&A 2022. Click here for the full guide.  In this [...]

Jobless Rate at a Record Low

Statistics Canada says the unemployment rate in March fell to its lowest rate on record, falling to [...]

Sixth Wave Prompts Renewed Labour Crunch in Restaurants, Retail Manufacturing

Businesses across Canada are struggling to cope with an apparent sixth wave of COVID-19, as [...]

Canadian Workforce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

When we talk about diversity we often reference several aspect of diversity. Diversity as defined [...]

Last Chance & Warning Letter to AWOL Employee

Smoke out employees who disappear while on medical leave. Employees on medical or other leaves of [...]

Return to Work Resources for Employers

FEDERAL Government of Canada: Risk-informed decision-making guidelines for workplaces and [...]

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