Insolence/ Insubordination

Insolence/Insubordination Quiz

QUESTION What is the distinction between insubordination and insolence in […]

Considering Deviant Behaviour in the Workplace

Tips for encouraging positive deviance in your organization

Managing Your Responses to Allegations of Employee Misconduct

Dealing with employee misconduct is a very difficult challenge. The […]

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An Employer’s Guide to Managing Employees with Progressive Discipline

If you’re an employer, you know that, whether you have 10 employees or 100, there is an art to [...]

The Top 11 HR Compliance Cases of 2022 & How They Affect You

The court cases most likely to directly affect your HR program and what to do about each. While new [...]

Quiet Quitting Special Report

Fundamentally, quiet quitting is a social phenomenon rooted in generational attitudes, burnout [...]

Quiet Quitting & Productivity Policy

As labour becomes scarcer, HR directors face the challenge of ensuring maximum productivity from [...]

Bus Driver Fired for Causing Fatal Accident to Passenger Gets Reinstated

A bus driver got fired for accidentally running over a passenger after she exited the vehicle with [...]

How to Manage Off Duty Conduct

Holding employees accountable for what they do when they’re off duty and away from work. What [...]

Dishonest/Theft in the Workplace Policy

Employee dishonesty, theft and fraud are a perennial challenge for HR directors. Here’s a template [...]

Insolence, Insubordination And After-Acquired Evidence Of Just Cause

On November 9, 2021, the B.C. Supreme Court released its decision in the case of Golob v. Fort St [...]

Termination: Employee Fired for COVID-19 Insubordination Gets His Job Back

A supervisor ordered a worker with COVID-19 symptoms to get tested and self-isolate while awaiting [...]

Employee Insubordination & Insolence Policy

While there are circumstances in which questioning orders and criticizing the boss may be [...]

Disobeying a Direct Order Isn’t Necessarily Insubordination

It depends on whether the order the employee defies is reasonable. Employers have the right to run [...]

Forklift Operator Gets His Suspended Driver’s Licence Restored

Trying to make ends meet, a forklift operator decided to risk driving while his licence was [...]

Is Falsifying an Expense Report Just Cause for Termination?

It depends on the seriousness of the violation and who commits it. Is dishonesty just cause to [...]

Terminating “Just Cuz” Or For Just Cause? Recent Decisions Maintain A High Threshold For Just Cause Terminations

Courts are increasingly reluctant to find that employers have just cause to terminate their [...]

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