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Computers, the internet, and social media have become integral tools in HR, revolutionizing various HR functions. Computers are used for managing HR data, payroll, and employee records efficiently. The internet has transformed recruitment and training, enabling access to a global talent pool and e-learning platforms. Social media is leveraged for employer branding, recruitment, and employee engagement initiatives. HR professionals are tasked with embracing and leveraging these technologies to streamline processes, enhance communication, and adapt to the evolving digital landscape. While these tools bring tremendous opportunities, HR must also address data privacy, cybersecurity, and social media policies to ensure ethical and secure usage, emphasizing their role in fostering a tech-savvy and compliant workforce.

Employee Social Media Use Policy

The centerpiece of your effort to curb social media abuses […]

Computer – Internet – Social Media Quiz

QUESTION Whatever an employee does his or her own time […]

Computer Use Policy

This Model Policy can be used to prevent perhaps the most common form of employee time theft-use of company computers and internet during work hours to carry out social networking and other personal activities.

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