John v Edmonton Police Service, 2024 AHRC 79 (Ringseis) is […]


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HR should be highly concerned about compensation because it plays a central role in attracting, retaining, and motivating talent. Competitive and equitable compensation packages are essential for attracting skilled professionals and retaining valuable employees. HR is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing compensation programs that align with an organization’s financial capabilities, industry standards, and the talent market. It also needs to ensure that compensation practices are fair, transparent, and legally compliant, as any disparities or inequities can lead to employee dissatisfaction, turnover, and even legal issues. Effectively addressing compensation is critical for maintaining a motivated and engaged workforce, which directly influences an organization’s success and growth.

2024 Minimum Wage Rates Across Canada

The final round of 2019 increases is now in effect

Canada Is Introducing A Federal Minimum Wage: What Employers Need To Know

From 29 December 2021, a new federal minimum wage of […]

Equal Pay – Know The Laws Of Your Province

Equality of pay may be required by human rights, employment […]

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The Human Rights Price Tag Of Pepper Spray Discrimination

John v Edmonton Police Service, 2024 AHRC 79 (Ringseis) is […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

The Perils Of Poor Pension Plan Governance

Similar to corporate governance, good retirement plan governance is designed […] Search for: [...]

Executive And Director Compensation Trends

Amidst high inflation, economic uncertainty, shareholder activism and a continued […] Search [...]

Earned Wage Startup ZayZoon Coming Back Home

A Calgary-based startup, ZayZoon, is making a comeback in Canada. With […] Search for: Login [...]

Are Profit Sharing Allocations Subject to Source Deductions?

Employers can’t create sham Employee Profit Sharing Plans to avoid source deductions.

Ontario Government Introduces The Working For Workers Five Act

Ontario's Bill 190 Working for Workers Five Act, 2004 ("Bill 190") […] Search for: Login [...]

Whose Business Is It Anyways? Arbitrator Finds Union Steward Attending Diving Course During Working Hours Was Conducting Union Business

Bottom Line In Ontario Power Generation v. Power Workers' Union, an […] Search for: Login [...]

Ontario Employers, Pay Equity Or Pay The Price: Comply Now Or Face Potential Liability Retroactive To 1988

Bottom Line Pay equity is a broad concept based on […] Search for: Login THIS INSIGHT IS FOR [...]

Lessons From Coffee Pods: The Importance Of Accurate Reporting Under Canada’s New Anti-Slavery Law

Introduction As Canadian companies assess and carry out their compliance […] Search for: [...]

Amendments To Ontario Laws Put A Clamp On Requesting Doctors’ Notes

The Working for Workers Five Act, 2024, proposes another wave of […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

Working Remotely Full Time? What Province Are You In?

The emergence of remote work in recent years has led […] Search for: Login THIS INSIGHT IS [...]

Termination Of Employment Agreements: Careful Drafting

In labour law, termination of employment agreements generally give rise […] Search for: [...]

Overtime Pay: An Employment Class Action Authorized In Madden c. Nordia Inc.

On March 18, 2024, Superior Court Justice Lukasz Granosik authorized […] Search for: Login [...]

Navigating Legal Rights And Responsibilities In Employment Agreements In Alberta (Part 3)

Welcome to the third installment of our exploration into the […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

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