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Anti-Harassment & Bullying

Anti-bullying refers to a comprehensive approach aimed at preventing and addressing bullying in the workplace or any other environment. Bullying involves repeated and deliberate mistreatment, abuse, or harassment of individuals by one or more persons. It can manifest in various forms, including verbal, physical, or psychological abuse, and may target personal attributes, work performance, or any other aspect of an individual’s identity.

From a business perspective, a culture of bullying can hinder productivity and creativity. Employees who experience or witness bullying are less likely to perform at their best or contribute to a positive work environment. This can ultimately impact an organization’s bottom line.

Acknowledgement of Workplace Harassment Training Form

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Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy

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C-65 Workplace Violence & Harassment Compliance Checklist

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Anti-Harassment & Bullying Quiz

QUESTION In order to substantiate a claim of being bullied […]

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