Accessibility in HR entails creating an inclusive work environment that allows individuals with disabilities or diverse needs to fully participate in all aspects of employment. This encompasses not only physical accessibility but also digital, communication, and accommodation accessibility. HR professionals are responsible for ensuring that company policies, technologies, facilities, and communication methods are designed to accommodate a broad range of abilities and needs. This promotes equality, diversity, and compliance with anti-discrimination laws while fostering an inclusive culture. HR’s role involves developing and implementing accessibility policies and practices, providing reasonable accommodations, and raising awareness among employees to create an accessible workplace where all individuals can contribute their best and thrive.

Accessibility Laws Across Canada

Unlike human rights laws, accessibility legislation is found in just […]

Accessibility Quiz

QUESTION An employee who becomes an alcoholic and is unable […]

Accessibility Policy

Although it’s based on Ontario law, HR managers in other […]

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Accessibility Obligations and Upcoming Deadlines for Federally-Regulated Entities

By June 1, 2023, most larger federally-regulated entities (i.e. those with 100 or more employees) [...]

Website Accessibility Compliance Checklist

An increasing number of jurisdictions, including Ontario, BC, Federal, Manitoba and Newfoundland [...]

How to Implement a Website Accessibility Program

Ensuring your company website is accessible has become not only a legal but business imperative [...]

Website Accessibility Policy

The duty under human rights laws to make reasonable accommodations for disabled job applicants and [...]

Website Accessibility Requirements – Know the Laws of Your Province

Website accessibility is now a requirement for private-sector companies under Federal, Ontario and [...]

Common Ergonomics Misconceptions Debunked

Search for: Login Your Are Reading 0 Of 2 Free Premium Articles Take a Trial For Unlimited Access [...]

The 2022 Ontario HR Compliance Yearbook – Special Report

What makes 2022 so different from other HR compliance years is where the action took place. In a [...]

New Accessibility Requirements For The B.C. Public Sector

Is your organization on the right track toward accessibility, diversity and inclusion? As of June [...]

Accessibility For Manitobans Act: New Information And Communication Regulation

The Accessible Information and Communication Standard Regulation (the “Standard”) is [...]

Apple Faces Backlash on Return to Work Policy


Mental Health – Lets Talk About It

The increase of anxiety and depression has been directly linked to lower productivity and higher [...]

It Takes Two To Tango: Employee Obligations And Workplace Accommodation

Workplace accommodation is a challenging process, often without easy answers. Employers know they [...]

Manitoba’s Accessible Employment Standard And Accessibility Fund

All Manitoba employers will need to comply with the requirements of the Accessible Employment [...]

Accessibility Standard For Employment – Compliance Deadline For All Employers: May 1, 2022

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (the “AMA”) has established certain standards to [...]

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