HR Month in Review – September 2017: British Columbia



Minimum Wage
Sept. 15: The British Columbia general minimum wage is going up 50¢ to $11.35 on that date. An identical increase will send the minimum wage for liquor servers to $10.10 per hour. Meanwhile, on Aug. 16, the new NDP government announced plans to increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2021—the same rate Ontario will adopt in 2019.

Human Rights
Aug. 8: The British Columbia Human Rights Commission is being resuscitated after nearly 15 years of extinction. British Columbia is the only province that doesn’t have a human rights commission.

Workers’ Compensation
Aug. 18: Slightly lower injury rates and higher fatality totals were the primary work safety story in British Columbia during 2016. Highlights of WorkSafeBC’s newly published 2016 Annual Report:

  • Injury rate per (100 workers): 2.21 (0.01 less than 2015)
  • Serious injury rate: 0.285 (-3%)
  • Workplace deaths: 144 (v. 122 in 2015)
  • Deaths due to occupational asbestos exposure: 64 (v. 48 in 2015)

Deaths from traumatic injury: 59 (v. 50 in 2015)