HR Month in Review – September 2017: Saskatchewan



Minimum Wage
Oct. 1: Reminder: A 24¢ increase will take the Saskatchewan minimum wage to $10.96 per hour on October 1, the government announced last month.

Aug. 8: The Privacy Commissioner issued guidelines on use of genetic information. The 3 takeaways:

  • Personal privacy law restrictions apply to the use, collection and disclosure of genetic information
  • Companies that collect genetic information must keep it secure the way they do other personal data
  • Genetic testing for pre-employment screening raises discrimination red flags particularly where the information reveals conditions that may constitute disabilities.

Payday Loans
Aug. 11: The maximum fee payday lenders can charge is being reduced from 23% to 17% of the loan amount, effective Feb. 15, 2018. Maximum fees for bounced cheques, aka NSF fees, are being cut from $50 to $25. As before, lenders can only impose one NSF fee per loan.

Workers’ Compensation
Sept. 1: The WCB modified its policy on suspending benefits of workers who miss medical appointments or refuse to participate in a vocational plan. Key changes:

  • Benefits may be suspended if worker has pattern of casual absences
  • Workers may be eligible for other forms of employer support, e.g., sick leave or short-term disability, for casual absences
  • Workers’ comp benefits for casual absences will be suspended over period in which employer provides coverage.