HR Month in Review – October 2017: Federal


A roundup of new legislation, regulations, government announcements, court cases and arbitration rulings


Employment Insurance
Sept. 14: EI premiums for 2018 are going up 3¢ as a result of an expected dip in the year-over-year EI account cumulative surplus from $675 million to $252 million by year end 2018. Here’s a rundown of the key figures:

Rate 2018 2017
EI premiums $1.66 per $100 insurable earnings $1.63 per $100 insurable earnings
QPIP premiums $1.30 per $100 insurable earnings $1.66 per $100 insurable earnings
Maximum Insurable Earnings $51,700 $51,300
Annual earnings required for self-employed to qualify for special EI benefits $6,947 $6,888


Sept. 21: The newly released Privacy Commissioner’s 2016 Annual Report calls for fundamental changes to privacy law enforcement. The Commission wants authority to perform proactive audits the way regulators in Europe and the US do rather than simply reacting to complaints as it does now. It also wants stronger penalties including administrative monetary penalties for privacy offences. Employee consent requirements would also become stricter and more onerous for employers. 

Workplace Safety
Oct. 1: Although the official compliance deadline isn’t until Dec. 1, 2018, inspections have begun to determine if employers are meeting their GHS/WHMIS obligations including ensuring that:

  • Employees receive appropriate GHS education and training
  • WHMIS labels meet either current or GHS standards

There’s either an MSDS or newfangled SDS for each controlled product in the workplace.