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10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

According to data from Statistics Canada compiled by career site Workopolis, these are the 10 highest paying jobs in Canada. In several instances, the jobs aren’t individual positions, but rather job categories. Here’s the detailed list:

    1. Engineering manager:


    1. Senior managers of trade, broadcasting, and other services:


    1. Lawyers:


    1. Banking, credit, and investment managers:


    1. Dentists:


    1. General practitioners and family physicians:


    1. Senior managers of goods production, utilities, transportation, and construction:


    1. Senior managers of financial, communications, and other businesses:


  1. Judges:

And the highest paying job…drum roll, please…

  1. Specialist physicians

These are numbers worth knowing, especially if your organization employs people in any of these job categories.

How do salaries compare to what you pay for the same or similar positions?